Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7422 Review

singer review

What is the Singer 7422 sewing machine?

This sewing machine provides features that make it easy to change presser feet, stitches, and thread. Keeping the busy home sewer in mind this device’s design aims to take sewing to the next level. It’s variety of uses with a minimum of effort aims to please. Having each stitch electronically guided insures that each stitch is accurate, and tension is correct.

Singer 7422Sewing has been around since someone started wearing clothes. Sewing machines did not appear until around the 1830s. Since that time, the sewing machine design improved to make sewing easier. The Singer 7422 sewing machine provides the home sewer with the latest in electronic sewing technology.



Here’s What It’ll Do For You!

This easy to use sewing machine comes with thirty built in stitch patterns including heirloom and stretch stitches. Sewing for children has never been easier or more fun. The home sewer using the built-in heirloom stitches can create detailed baby and toddler clothes guaranteed to be loved for generations. The Singer 7422 sewing machine’s stretch stitch allows the home sewer to handle sewing layettes with confidence.

Save money by sewing curtains, pillows, furniture throws, seat cushions, and table cloths in coordinating fabrics. Home decorating by sewing rather than buying retail will more than pay for the Singer 7422 sewing machine. Achieve a designer look without paying the huge designer price tag.

Save money by repairing that pair of pants that may have a ripped seam or modify purchased garments to fit.

Making doll clothing, fabric books, or fabric embellishments for greeting cards will bring hours of enjoyment to the home sewer. The ability to slow the speed of the Singer 7422 sewing machine gives the home sewer the ability to turn those tiny corners and finish those raw edges.

Whether it is piecing fabric into beautiful blocks or quilting the layers of fabric together, the Singer 7422 has the tension control and stitch length needed by the quilter. Portability of this sewing machine gives the quilter or crafter the option of taking this tool to fabric arts meetings. A carrying case may be purchased separately to protect the machine while transporting.

Button holes or zippers can make or break an outfit. The home sewer can rely on the automated buttonhole stitch on the sewing machine to make a great buttonhole every time. The snap on/snap off presser feet allows a quick change from straight stitching to buttonhole or zipper foot.

Changing threads on this sewing machine is a snap. The quick and easy threading system combined with the drop in bobbin enables the home sewer to switch threads quickly.


The Singer 7422 comes packed with features for the sewing enthusiasts ready to upgrade to a fully functional electronic sewing machine. Easy to us features include:

  • Designed so that functionality is a one step process
  • Push a button to switch stitches
  • Snap on a new foot
  • Portable
  • Quick thread change taking seconds
  • Drop in Bobbin
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Electronic
  • Full range of stitches including, but not limited to zigzag, feather, blind hemming, ladder stitch, embroidery, buttonhole, straight, cross hatch, and blanket
  • Snap on presser feet
  • Stitch length
  • Push button stitch selection
  • Versatile

Customer Reviews

What customers who used the Singer 7422 have to say.

“I got this machine almost 10 years ago to replace the very basic Singer that constantly had issues with the bobbin, and snags, and tension. This machine has been a dream. I sew every month or so, and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t do anything too fancy, but the buttonholer is awesome. The only problem I’ve ever had is extremely thick fabrics (many layers) don’t always feed well, but since that is beyond what the machine is designed for, I can handle pulling it through. The stitches always come out beautifully.” from

“Wonderful for quilting (piece work) I had a 1979 Singer. I had used it more than most people ever use a machine. I needed a new one & had been looking for several months. A friend found this one with a special quilters package & extension tray combo. She surprised me with it for my birthday. I have made 2 quilts & am working on another one. Only complaints: tension is not truely automatic, it must be manually changed at times. My other machine was 100% automatic. Light is not bright enough, casts shadows. I use a lamp. I cannot get thicker, bulky fabric layers under the pressure foot. I could on my older machine. Some quilt tops I will have to send out instead of doing them at home. This will be a great machine for traveling to seminars and classes. Threads with ease. Sews great. Not noisey.” from

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

When the beginning home sewer is ready to move up to a multi-stitch electronic sewing machine the Singer 7422 is the next logical step. Having an easy to use machine ensures that the home sewer will be able use the stitches that suit the project. The beginning sewer will appreciate the snap-on presser feet, easy threading, and drop-in bobbin. The easy to access stitches built into this machine lets the sewer’s imagination blossom. The buttonhole feature alone makes this an excellent buy.

The experienced sewer will find this sewing machine to be an intelligent shopping choice. The skill of the sewer will be enhance in a rich array of projects using the wide variety of stitch selections. Tension setting is automatic, but the machines still allows for the sewer to adjust this control manually as the need arises.

Making the decision to purchase a new sewing machine doesn’t need to be a difficult one. When the smart sewer compares features with other similarly priced machines the choice becomes clear. Reasonably priced for the collection of functions standard to this machine make it an attractive choice for the smart shopper.